Welcome to the inaugural blog of “Friends of Girraween Inn and Environs”.The Inn now has a undercover electric vehicle charger ,specifically a NHP with type 2 adaptors and is suitable for most EV’s.Dr Jeff Peereboom pictured below was the first EV owner to use the charger.
Yay, smiles all round !
Dr Bruce Willett then attached his Tesla and discovered his EV was charging at 6 amps.
Not so much yaying and much less smiling .

Enter Anthony Knight , the trusty country electrician who informed us that the charger was still on the factory setting as he dialed up the charge to 32 amps , which is equivalent to between 40 and 50 km per hour charged …plenty of time to enjoy a meal at the Inn or do the walk to the view from the property to the view of the expanse !
Yay !