The light pollution is  minimal  at latitude  28.7 S and longitude 151.9 E  and so the starry skies over Girraween Country Inn are awesome .

Girraween Country Inn  is situated  on 42 acres of bushland and  nestled on  the doorstep of Girraween National Park.

Girraween National Park encompasses   74,880 acres and hence   the night skies are rightfully  awesome   . 

Th next meteor shower is  on the 8th of June and presently there is a  full moon also called the strawberry moon or  alternatively called the honey moon .

Hmm, talking honeymoons  if you want to “watch Netflix and chill”,  Girraween Country Inn has  you covered because we have subscribed to starlink and upgraded our televisions so streaming from your device to the in room TV should be no problem 

That is what we were talking about isn’t it …