Look there is a Peacock on the roof !


I did think it looked like a Dragon, but in my defense I watch way too much fantasy on Netflix and I saw it in flight with it’s long trailing tail before it landed and became a very recognisable Peacock .

The Peacocks travel through Eukey Rd every year around this time .Schnitzel tries to herd them into the restaurant but they are pretty happy chilling on the verandah.

We also have Kookaburras nesting in the gums to the north of the Inn. We are going to place some nesting boxes in the trees.

So you will be able to sit on the verandah possibly with a peacock and sip Shelley’s favourite wine, a pinot and watch the Kookaburras dart in and out of their nests feeding their young.

If you consider yourself an ornithologist please let us know you are coming to Girraween Inn and we will have on the verandah beside the Pinot sippers and possibly a Peacock, a white board and pen so you can document the abundant birdlife and we can all sip and learn